Daily Schedule



8:30AM - 10:00AM

All classroom centers are open for play upon arrival, and once children have switched to their indoor shoes, put their things away, and washed hands, they are ready to jump right in. Often a teacher-selected activity will be set at one of the tables in our Makerspace center. This activity might connect children to the current curricular theme, relate to an emerging interest or curiosity our teachers have observed, or support the development of specific skill sets. Often, the courtyard is opened during choice time as well to expand our options and maximize our time outside. During summer camp, our morning begins out on the courtyard.


9:00AM - 10:00AM

At 9:00 the snack table is set and an announcement is made. To encourage children to tune into the needs of their bodies and practice their independence, snack is treated as another choice along with all the other classroom centers. We offer the children regular reminders to check in with their bodies and alert them when the end of Choice Time is nearing so they can fill their bellies when hungry.

At 10, we tidy the classroom and gather together for our daily meeting. During this time we might sing songs, play a game, share a story, and practice some light playful yoga and mindful breathing techniques. This offers children an opportunity to practice being in community together, listen to one another, review and discuss classroom agreements, share in celebrations, and prepare to shift gears into the next activity block.


10:00AM - 10:30PM

Playground Visit

10:30AM - 12pM

To offer the children an opportunity to connect with their teachers and peers on a deeper level, and to support multiple learning styles, we break into two smaller groups for the remainder of the morning. During this time, group one heads outside for play on the courtyard while group two remains inside for a special activity, or the chance to continue playing independently. After approximately 45 minutes, the groups switch. A few times a week, we opt for a visit to the neighboring Taylor Street Playground instead, with a smaller group activity or two to set out in the shade.


12:00PM - 1:00PM

At noon, the children gather for a quick breathing exercise to refocus their minds and bodies before washing hands and preparing for a school-provided, family style meal together. The children get their own napkins and silverware and lunch is set out. We offer everyone a plate with our main dish along with a selection of sides for the children to chose from. All of our meals are balanced with protein, grains, and a variety of fresh fruits and veggies for a healthy and complete meal comprised of primarily local and organic whole ingredients. More about our food program HERE.


1:00 - 3:00pm

When children finish eating and clearing their place from lunch, they head off to rest their bodies for a midday reprieve. Each child is given a rest mat on which they put sheets/blankets from home and are invited to snuggle with a stuffed animal and read a book. Rest time begins when all the children are settled on their mats. We share a group story and instrumental music is played softly. The children may take a nap or rest quietly while their friends sleep. Children who are not asleep by 1:30 are offered an independent quiet time activity, followed by either outside time, or quiet activities at the Makerspace Tables. At this time, the Building Center and Life Lab are also opened in the front of the classroom.

After School playgroup

3:00 - 5:00pm


At the West End Village School we offer an extended day option to support families who need longer care, and to further support the developing interests of the children in our program. Our after school playgroup is available by daily drop in, or built into your regular monthly tuition plan. An afternoon snack is provided for all children staying for an extended day and activities are tailored to the interests of the children participating.

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